Rainbow Runner Obstacle Course Rental


Rainbow Runner Obstacle Course Rental

October 13, 2014

Astro Jump of Metro DC, VA and MD’s newest obstacle course rental is here! Step up and see the brand new Rainbow Runner Obstacle Course Challenge!


Rainbow Runner



At 68’ feet long, the Rainbow Runner Obstacle course joins our class of other large event sized obstacle courses. Children from as young as 6, to adults as old as 100 will enjoy testing their skills on this challenging obstacle course rental. With 40’ of obstacles and a large rock climb and slide, it will challenge everyone. People often ask how an obstacle course can challenge both a  6 year old and 26 year old. While the 6 year old will certainly be challenged more, both will enjoy their time on it. The difference will be in how long it takes the two contestants to get through the obstacle course challenge. 26 year olds will barell through taking no prisoners, while a 6 year old will take their time. At the end of the day though, both people will race through and both people will have a blast.

This colorful addition to Astro Jump’s rental options will light up your next event. Ask our event planners if this obstacle course rental works for you!


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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