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Mr. Smith and the Dunk Tank


Mr. Smith and the Dunk Tank

February 10, 2014

As Grace prepared for her turn to dunk Mr. Smith at the school’s annual spring carnival day she thought back to all those days in P/E where he would make her class run laps around the gym. Grace hated running and this was her big chance to give Mr. Smith a little dose of high school payback. Walking up to the throwers position, Grace new what was on the line as her friends watched with hopeful eyes from the side. She had three chances to dunk Mr. Smith. Her classmate, Jeremy, had gone before her and failed to hit the dunk tank anywhere close to the target despite being the baseball team’s starting pitcher. Everyone was now depending on her to give him the cold dip he most definitely deserved.


Mr. Smith looked at Grace and yelled “Boooooooooo” from his precarious seat to try and distract her. “You’ll never hit me Grace, send someone up who’s a challenge!”
“oh yeh,” responded Grace as she pulled her arm back in a threatening manner ready to throw. “You’re going down Smitty!” Grace’s first throw flew wide of the target and made a thump against the backdrop. The throw had been hard enough, but the small target on the dunk tank made dunking Mr. Smith anything but a sure thing.



“See, now if you’d only listened in P/E a little more when we were playing softball maybe you’d stand a chance,” hollered Mr. Smith.


As Grace prepared for her next throw she thought about a snowball fight she had recently been a part of with her brother, Rick, and the neighborhood kids. She had been one of the best and Mr. Smith didn’t have a clue.


“I said you’re going down Smitty!”


This time she meant it. As the softball sailed at the dunk tank target a look of fear ran across Mr. Smith’s face as he braced for the cold dip that was on its way. Clank! Splash! The ball whacked the dunk tank target and down went Mr. Smith. The crowd erupted around Grace as Mr. Smith emerged from the dunk tank pool soaking wet.


“Want some more Mr. Smith?” She hollered to her now cold teacher.


“Yes mam!” He yelled. “And this time put some juice on it!”


As everyone laughed Grace threw her third and final ball at the dunk tank and once again nailed her target. This time as Mr. Smith was climbing back out of the water he nodded his respects to his new found pitcher of the softball team.


“Grace!” he yelled, “don’t forget your running shoes for gym next week!”


Everyone laughed and Grace left the dunk tank feeling quite good about herself though also dreading the run she knew was coming. It turns out Mr. Smith was quite popular because over the course of the carnival he was recorded to have been dunked 10 times by other students from the school as well.


Who’s next? 🙂





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