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Building a Fall Event


Building a Fall Event

September 23, 2014

This time of year in the moonbounce industry is all about back-to-school parties and fall festivals. In most cases volunteers are put in charge of organizing and executing these sometimes complicated events. Budgets, food choices, entertainment for adults, entertainment for children, fundraising, city permits, site layout and seeking more volunteers are just a few of the many tasks lead volunteers are asked to organize and oversee. To all of those volunteers currently feeling overwhelmed, Astro Jump of Metro DC, VA and MD is here to help!


Our team of event planners have helped our customers over the years plan hundreds of events just like yours. It is possible that we have even helped plan your event, only in years past. It can be extremely helpful to speak with someone from our team, so if you have questions or want help with the monumental task on your plate, don’t be scared, give us a call.


As for the entertainment side of the fall carnivals, a good place to start is determining the number of people you expect to have at the event throughout the day. This number, along with your budget, can help our team advise you on what style of inflatables to rent and how many. In previous blog posts we have discussed the need to rent high flow inflatables for large events. In summary these high flow items keep lines moving with little effort and allow more people to interact with the inflatables more often. Another way to build a large event is to start with one main event inflatable. This item can serve as the rallying cry for everyone around to come and even serve as the centerpiece of your marketing for the carnival. In this area Astro Jump has many items to choose from that can serve as that first building block. Just to give you a head start, here are 3 big events pieces that can start as the first building block for your event.


Ultimate Module Challenge – This huge obstacle course can handle hundreds of people every hour. Children or adults can use it and race to see who is the fastest. With the entrance and the exit on the front of the obstacle course, contestants will be entering and exiting in the same spot. This makes it one of the easier obstacle courses to monitor. This is one of our all time best renting obstacle courses and a great inflatable to start building your event around.


Human Foosball – This is a new game at Astro Jump of Metro DC, VA and MD and it has been super popular so far. With this interactive sport game 10 people at a time strap in and play foosball. While it is not an inflatable where people can flow through it like an obstacle course rental, it is sure to have a large crowd around it. Human Foosball is proving to be a great piece to build events around.


World of Sports – This might be the best large event build-around inflatable Astro Jump offers. With 5 sides of games, this items removes the need to rent individual sports games. It is a huge piece and can be seen for miles. I highly recommend this as a starting point for beginning your party planning. You can also rent the World of Sports Jr. and accomplish the same goal, it’s just not as large.


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

Call our party Planning Specialists at 703-339-8000 or 800-244-JUMP (5867)