4 Rules for Attending a Moonbounce


4 Rules for Attending a Moonbounce

January 12, 2018

Astro Jump of DC, Virginia (VA), and Maryland (MD) has hundreds of different inflatable rentals to choose from. We break our inventory down into categories including, inflatable slides, moonbounces, moonbounce combos, water slides, sports inflatables, indoor bounce houses, obstacle courses etc…. Regardless of the category, inflatables all have a few basic rules that need to be followed to make sure they are used safely. Customers often times ask us how to operate an inflatable safely and we refer them to these rules as well as ask them to adhere to the rules posted at the entrance of every inflatable.

Rule #1: A responsible adult must be present during use of any inflatable

A responsible adult must be present during use of any inflatable. Sorry parents, moonbounces are not babysitters. Every parent can relate to the temptation of putting up the moonbounce so that the kids are busy and then returning to the bbq to hang with your friends. While this is tempting, remember that kids will be kids. To avoid an accident where someone might sustain an injury, please make sure to monitor the inflatable whenever kids are on it.

Rule #2: Do not let too many people on at once

10 – 15 kids is a standard number of guests to have to a birthday party. Unfortunately, very few bounces can hold 10 kids at once and only one (assuming the kids are very small) can hold 15 (Jumbo Fun House). As such, it is important to monitor the inflatable to make sure a safe number of children are using it at once. What is a safe number? It depends on the inflatable and the size of the children using the inflatable. For example, if you take a standard moonbounce like the Large Castle Jump, we suggest that it can hold between 5 – 8 kids at a time depending on their size. If you put a few adults in it or high school students you can assume to be at the bottom end of that range or possibly even lower. Take a dual lane waterslide and the appropriate number is 2 people. Ultimately, you need to use your best judgement as to what looks safe. People are supposed to bounce around and have a good time, but if people appear to be bouncing into each other take a few people out. Everyone will get their turn, so make sure those who are bouncing have a safe and fun experience.    

Rule #3: Only let people of similar size on at once

Notice how we did not use the word “age” above. People come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of their age. As such, for the safety of those on the bounce house it is important that those bouncing are all around the same size. If people of varying sizes are on at once it is likely that when a large person bounces into a smaller once that the smaller jumper will get hurt. We recommend controlling this by forming at least two lines at your bounce house. One line can be for smaller kids and the other for larger. If you have a really diverse group of ages/sizes then maybe a third line is appropriate.

Rule #4: Do not allow excessive rough housing

Moonbounces are meant for jumping around and being crazy! There is no better venue for kids to get their wiggles out then a moonbounce. They will literally bounce around for hours. Even so, there are times when kids can get out of control. Enforcing the operating rules on the front of the moonbounce is paramount to ensuring a safe jumping experience. For example, flips are not allowed nor is tackling other kids who are jumping. It is your responsibility as the overseer of the inflatable to make sure that rowdy kids are reigned in. If someone is not listening to you and continues to excessively rough house, you should pull them off the bounce until they agree to settle down. Don’t let one rowdy kid ruin everyone else’s fun!

Following these rules can help ensure a safe and fun experience for all people using any inflatable. If you hire someone or have a volunteer prepared to attend the moonbounce at your next party you should make sure they are aware of these 4 rules.


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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