4 Major Moonbounce Safety Rules


4 Major Moonbounce Safety Rules

October 22, 2013

1) Adult supervision is necessary for any inflatable, large or small.


2) Do not overload the inflatable. No matter what else you do to ensure safety, an inflatable that is overloaded with people can be dangerous even if the jumpers are all the same size. How many people each inflatable can safely handle will depend on the inflatable and the size of the jumpers inside. While there is a stated weight limit on the inflatable that should be enforced, the best way to protect against over loading a bounce is to use common sense. If people are jumping into each other, take several people off to allow enough room for those left on to jump freely and safely. The number one way people get hurt from inflatables is when they are overloaded. For inflatable slides and obstacle courses, only two people at a time should be going through or down the inflatable. The lines for the inflatables should always be OFF the jump, not on it.


3) The people using the inflatable should be of a similar size. This rule is especially important with enclosed inflatables like moonbounces, moonbounce combos, and obstacle courses. Age can be a difficult factor to use when determining size because for example, not all 10 year olds are the same size. To prevent injuries from occurring when a bigger jumper bumps into a smaller jumper, please make sure the children are all around the same size. We suggest having several lines for an inflatable for children of different sizes.

4) Excessive rough housing is not permitted. The purpose of any inflatable is for children and adults alike to have a great time.  We encourage excessive bouncing and love hearing from parents that their children jumped themselves to sleep. What is not permitted is excessive rough housing. This mean flips, fighting, tackling or any other rough play is off limits. We suggest the supervisor provides the misbehaving  jumper with one warning against rough housing and if they violate the rules again, remove them from the inflatable for a time out.


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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