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Sports Birthday Parties


Sports Birthday Parties

January 24, 2014

In our series on the most popular birthday party themes our next stop takes us to the ballgame. Well, not the ballgame exactly, more like the sports field. Every school in America gives their students an opportunity to play sports. Many schools even require it. Children grow up watching sports on television or at a professional stadium and then play those same sports on the field at school with their friends. Some kids dream of playing hockey like Alexander Ovechkin, while others dream of running as fast as Jackie Joyner Kersey. Watching superstars on television participating in events like the Olympics or the Superbowl creates role models out of these athletes. These role models in turn inspire our youth to play harder and work smarter. With so many of us playing some sport on a regular basis, I guess it makes sense that sports themed birthday parties are amongst the most popular birthday parties for parents to throw. At Astro Jump of Metro DC we have so many sports themed moonbounces, obstacle courses and interactive sports inflatables, that it would be nearly impossible (probably more boring) to review all of them. As such, I have selected a few sports packages and moonbounce rentals that birthday boys and girls love above all others.


First off, sports are so popular we have an entire section of our website designated to them. By clicking on “Sports Inflatables” on our website, you will see many of the sports themed inflatables Astro Jump offers. Within this section you can choose from a basic sports bounce house to an all-in-one wide World of Sports rental. If you prefer baseball, you can choose the very popular Xtreme T-Ball rental. If your fancy is volleyball, you can try something like our Ultimate Sports Arena rental where any number of different sports, including volleyball, can be played. If you click on each of the items you will see a description of the inflatable rental and we encourage you to call us to discuss which sports rental will work best for your party.


The Sports Adventure Party Package has been one of Astro Jump’s most popular sports rentals since our founding in 1996. While it has changed a little as we acquired newer and better equipment, the core pieces to the Sports Adventure Party Package remain in tact. With this package you receive a 30’ themed sports obstacle course rental, a sports 4 n 1 moonbounce combo, and one of our tasty sno cone machine rentals. Children have the choice of racing their friends in the obstacle course, shooting hoops in the 4 N 1 moonbounce combo, or even sitting back for a cool refreshment with the sno cone. This package offers so many different activities for young athletes that I guarantee they will all sleep well once the party ends. Even though renting these items in a package saves you money, any of these items can be rented by themselves as well.




If you are looking for the more traditional sports themed moonbounce party, you might enjoy our premium sports moonbounce rental. This larger than average bounce house rental will be a hit at any future hall of famer’s birthday party. With premium graphics and more space than a normal moonbounce, your birthday boy or girl can work on their ups in this bounce house. If you want more than a space to bounce, you can also choose the sports jump with hoop and they can also play basketball inside. There is nothing wrong with a basic sports moonbounce, but if you want something a little bigger with more graphics, than either of these moonbounce rentals will work great for your next birthday party.

sports_club_thumb   sports_jump_thumb

Earlier on I mentioned the Ultimate Sports Arena in passing. If your son or daughter is a true sports fanatic, then you have to consider this moonbounce combo rental for their birthday party. This item is essentially an inflatable stadium. Yes, it is as huge as it sounds. Inside the Ultimate Sports Arena children can choose from a variety of different sports and activities to play. You can split the group into two teams and have a full field soccer game (notice the goals on each side). When the game is over you can change teams and switch the game to full court volleyball or basketball. Tired of team sports? Install the jousting pedestals and have an all out gladiator competition. If by some small chance sports get boring, you can even turn it into a giant Twister board. To make it even more fun, it all takes place on a moonbounce!


The sports moonbounce options we reviewed today are only some of our most popular birthday party rentals. If you are planning a large event with a lot of people and equipment, many of our sports inflatables work great as part of a greater event plan. For example the Double Hoop Shot Rental is an inflatable basketball game where two people shoot to make the most hoops in a set amount of time. This might get boring at a birthday party where it is the only activity, but as part of a package of several items it is always a huge hit. Give us a call and we can help you plan your son or daughter’s next sports birthday party or large event. We will work hard to make it the easiest party you’ll ever have.

Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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