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Moonbounces and Concrete


Moonbounces and Concrete

August 30, 2013

People will often times ask us if we are able to set up a moonbounce, moonbounce combo, obstacle course or any of our other inflatables on concrete or other hard surfaces. The answer is yes, as long as we know about it before we arrive at your event. Sand bags serve as solid anchors for many of our inflatable options. As long as we bring them in anticipation of a hard surface then all will be fine. The problems occur when we are told it will be set up on grass and then the customer changes their mind on the event day. This can cause problems and lead to an event that starts late. When you are booking your order with us always volunteer any and all information that comes to mind about your space and where you would like the inflatable.


If you are renting something extremely large, like our giant Cliff Hanger Slide, and you would like for it to be set up on pavement, we will usually use water barrels to anchor the inflatable. In this instance you would need to supply us with a hose and water source so that we could fill the barrels. If you don’t have a water source all is not lost (not yet at least!). The next option would be to tie the straps to other structures near the slide that are deeply rooted. For example, many light posts or even some railings are built deep enough into the ground so that we can anchor an inflatable to them. In this case, we would want to discuss these options with you before the event date. If we are setting up these larger inflatables on grass, we use a combination of 18” hooked stakes and 3 ft steel stakes.


Moonbounces can be set up on grass, concrete, asphalt, dirt, sand, mulch, turf, and or most other surfaces. Depending on the surface, we will vary what we bring to safely secure the inflatable and to ensure the equipment is not damaged. With this and all parts of planning the party, it comes down to our communication with the customers. We encourage you to ask us as many questions as possible before your party so that we can ensure that everything goes smoothly on event day.


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

Call our party Planning Specialists at 703-339-8000 or 800-244-JUMP (5867)