I Can’t Get the Kids out of the Moonbounce!


I Can’t Get the Kids out of the Moonbounce!

November 20, 2017

The title of this posting says it all. How can I get the kids out of the moonbounce? If you have suffered from this dilemma before don’t worry, you’re not alone. With cell phones always getting better, cars more efficient, and televisions moving online, it sometimes feels tough to keep up in our ever changing world. One thing has not changed for sure and that’s children’s desire to continue jumping. While Astro Jump and other companies in the amusement field have expanded our product offerings to new fascinating concepts like the Wipeout Challenge, giant waterslides, and huge obstacle courses, the core activity of jumping continues to be endlessly entertaining for young ones. A moonbounce today is almost no different from a moonbounce purchased 20 years ago. Can you say the same for your computer, tv, or car? Children have crazy amounts of energy and a bounce house remains a time tested way for the kids to burn this energy while having the times of their lives. Along with this never ending desire to jump and be goofy, comes the undesired side effect of how to get them out when the party’s over. We all know that kids are bad at turning off their energy button (she’s over tired!).

Recently I was attending an event the weekend of Halloween where my responsibility was to monitor the moonbounce combo so that it was used safely. This can be a tough job and very much requires the attention of an adult because, as we all know, children do not babysit themselves well (at least not with safety in mind). During the event, where we had about 250 kids who cycled through, about a dozen parents had that frustrating moment when they couldn’t get their child to leave the bounce house. Fortunately this was not my responsibility, but the line of kids waiting was, so whenever a group’s turn ended and I had one stubborn child refusing to come out my eyes turned to find mommy or daddy for help.

Every time this happened a frustrated parent would plead with their child from the entrance to come out. Bribery, candy, and threats were the most common exchanges between parents and kids. On almost every occasion none of these options worked. Yes, the kids even turned down candy! Ultimately the exchange inevitably ended with the parent turning to me to request permission for them to get in the bounce house to retrieve their child. I always answered yes and after a little cat-and-mouse the parent exited with child in arms looking overwhelmingly embarrassed.

“I’m 40, I can’t believe I had to get in a bounce house to get you!”

“How dare you don’t listen to me in front of all of those people!”

“Go get your sister, we’re leaving!”

Just to name a few….

For parents who have felt these emotions and been in these situations before, don’t worry, you’re not alone! This does not mean you’re a bad parent. This does not mean your children are out of control and don’t listen. This is not your fault and it’s not the fault of your husband or wife. It’s the moonbounce’s fault! With great fun comes a predictably sad face when the fun ends. I often joke with customers that when we first come to a party we’re like Santa Claus but when we come back at the end we’re the Grinch.

So is there a secret ingredient for getting your child out? Not really, but I have a few suggestions having watched the interaction many times. First, I would suggest the same approach I use when trying to get them out. They ignore me because I’m like the substitute teacher, but usually they’ll at least hear out their mom or dad. Tell them that if they don’t get out right now that they will not have another turn later. Sometimes this is all it takes.

If you have another child (preferably older) at the event who is not on the moonbounce you can instruct them to enter the bounce house to retrieve their naughty brother or sister. The older sibling loves this responsibility and chance to be center stage. This method almost always works.

If you don’t have another child and option one fails, the last resort and most frustrating option is for you to remove your shoes chase your child down inside. Enjoy these moments! Even though it is embarrassing on so many levels, just try to remember that someday you will look back at moments like these and laugh. Your children will grow up, they will get bored of you, and they most likely will suffer the same embarrassment when they have kids someday who also don’t want to get out of the bounce house. The bounce house is timeless form of youthful entertainment. Smile, earn those gray hairs, and just remember that every parent has been in your shoes before.

Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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