Get Dunked!


Get Dunked!

February 23, 2016

Get Dunked!


With February half way over, dunk tank season is just around the corner. You know, dunk tank season? The season where hundreds, if not thousands, of Washingtonians volunteer to be dunked at the numerous school carnivals, church fall festivals, and town events in the DC Metro area every spring. As the days get longer and the sun hotter, dunk tank season only heats up.


Astro Jump of Metro DC is the DC area leader in dunk tank rentals and offer a variety of options for getting dunked. Depending on the size of your space, the boldness of your volunteers, and your budget, we can recommend several different style dunk tanks for any dunk tank party.


Traditional Dunk Tank:


This blue dunk tank is the traditional dunk tank. It comes affixed to a  trailer that we use to pull it behind our trucks. If you ever see a dunk tank on the highway in the DC, MD, VA area it’s probably an Astro Jump dunk tank. With the big blue pool and see-through window viewers can get full sight of the action above and below the water.  This style dunk tank can only go in places we can reach with our truck and is a favorite for large public events.


Collapsable Dunk Tank:


Our space saver dunk tanks are actually the same size as the traditional dunk tanks. Whereas the traditional dunk tanks come as is, the space saver dunk tank arrives at your location folded up like a lawn chair. Our team can then wheel it to a location of your choice (provided that there are no stairs or large hills) and set it up for use. The maneuverability of the space saver dunk tanks allows it to be more suitable for more types of venues. The pool on the space saver dunk tanks is just as large as the traditional dunk tanks and people get just as dunked!


Big Splash:


This item is not quite a dunk tank, but it serves the same purpose in a less wet way. Rather than sit on a plank nervously waiting for it to fall out from under you dropping you into the water below, the Big Splash dumps a bucket of water out over your head while you sit in a chair on the ground. Yes, you will walk away wet and humiliated, but no, you will not be completely soaked. The Big Splash is fantastic for large public events and can fit in most spaces. When the weather begins to turn and it’s not quite hot enough to be completely dunked, you should consider trying the Big Splash instead for the same hysterical dunk tank experience (just a little less cold, brrrr)



Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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