Team Missions:
Astro Jump believes that team games are the best because they teach people to work
together. Learning to work on a team towards a shared goal teaches some of the most
important life skills. Team collaboration, team support, and team sportsmanship are just a
few valuable skills people learn while working together on a team. As a result, almost all
of Astro Jump’s Laser Tag games are team based.
Picket Fences:
In 1776 the United States of America declared its independence from England. In 1861
the great American Civil War began over states’ rights and the institution of slavery. In
each war the opposing sides would line up against each other and fire in waves. Picket
Fences is the revolutionary war style of battle in laser tag. As our traditional starting
game, each team will line up against each other and fire until only one side remains
standing. This game is a great way of introducing the laser tag equipment and building
initial team chemistry.
Team Elimination:
Picture this: Two laser tag teams, two captains, two colors, two bases. In a team
elimination mission each team competes to see which team remains at the end of the
game. Each team’s home base serves as the starting point for each team. At the home
base teams can plan their attack strategy and respawn after being tagged in battle. In the
original team elimination match each player begins the game with ten lives. After getting
tagged by an opponent and losing a life, the player returns to their base to respawn before
returning to battle. As players are eliminated they head to the “graveyard” to wait for the
next game (never very long). Evidence has shown that the team that works together the
best, wins together…every time.
Elimination is Astro Jump’s ONLY non-team laser tag game. In this game the winner is
the last player standing. While we hate to split people up from their teams, we have found
that “everyone for themselves” actually is a great way to practice teamwork, the essence

of laser tag. When players are fending for themselves, secret alliances develop on the
playing field as partners work to eliminate players. Towards the end of the game the
alliances tend to crumble as only a few people remain. Each player begins with ten lives
and the last player standing wins. This is the traditional free-for-all game and fun to add
into the mix.


At the top of the chain of command in the United States Military is the General. The
General, as the leader of his team, is protected by his troops at all costs. In this laser tag
game a secret General presides over each team. The goal of the game is to identify and
eliminate the other team’s general while protecting your own. Each General typically has
8 lives, while the soldiers each have 4. Before the game begins, each team has a few
minutes to plot their strategy for taking out the opposing team’s General. When the game
begins each team must work to protect their General and tag the opposing team’s
General. If a soldier is tagged then they must return to their home base to respawn before
re-entering the game. The game ends when one team eliminates the opposing team’s
General. Often times the game comes down to two Generals left standing to combat each
other. This game tests a team’s ability to work together to develop a strategy to identify
and take out the opposing team’s General.


Capture the Flag:
Did you think that Capture the Flag only involved playing tag and running? Astro Jump’s
Capture the Flag has all the fun of the traditional team game, but adds to it our state-of-
the-art laser taggers. Each team begins at their home base before the referee begins the
competition. When the games begin, teams work together to try and capture the opposing
team’s flag and return it to their home base without getting tagged. If players are tagged
they must return to their home base to respawn before once again going after the
opposing team’s flag. Be careful, in this game players only have 3 lives. If a flag carrier
is tagged, the player must drop the flag immediately and return to their home base to
respawn. The first team to return the opposing team’s flag to their home base wins.
Capture the flag is a fantastic team laser tag game where the best teamwork leads to the
best results.


38th Parallel:
North Korea and South Korea are divided in two by the 38th parallel. In this space,
thousand of land mines keep either side from encroaching on the other side’s territory. In
this game we put flags in the middle instead of land mines (don’t worry parents!) to
divide the two sides. The objective of this 15-minute game is for each team to move as
many flags as possible back to their home base. Once a player picks up a flag they must
return it back to their side before returning to the middle to pick up others. Be careful!
While some players are moving forward to retrieve flags, others from the opposing team
will almost surely be trying to tag them out. While each player has unlimited lives in this

game, be warned that the game only lasts 15 minutes with the winning team having the
most flags at the end.


Call of Duty:
Named after the popular video game, in this laser tag game one team is assigned an area
to protect and defend at all costs. When the game begins the other team is deployed on a
search and destroy mission to conquer the other team’s territory. The game ends when the
attacking team either conquers the protected area by eliminating the defenders or the
defenders successfully protect their base by eliminating the players on the opposing team.

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