Three Popular Inflatable Waterslide Rentals


Three Popular Inflatable Waterslide Rentals

June 17, 2013

As inflatable waterslide season begins to shift into full gear, I wanted to take a second to review some of our all time customer favorite waterslides. When the hot and humid DC summers are here and the thought of going outside seems like a bad idea, you might want to consider an inflatable waterslide for your next birthday party or event rather than a traditional bounce house or moonbounce combo. These three waterslides below are some of our most popular summer rentals and after you try one for your next event you will know why.


Monster Wave Dual Lane Waterslide


Standing at nearly 20 feet tall, the Monster Wave waterslide is our best renting waterslide. With dual lanes which allow for twice as many children or adults to go down at once, this waterslide is a real crowd pleaser. At the end of each lane is a large splash pool large enough for two people to slide into it at once. While many waterslides have two lanes and a pool, the Monster Wave is so popular because it caters well to a wide age range. More often than not parents planning their child’s birthday party want to rent an inflatable that will work for all of their kids. A lot of the time this can mean a waterslide for 5 year olds and one for 15 year olds. While most waterslides can be used for children or adults of all ages, some are definitely better suited than others for different ages. The Monster Wave and it’s sister slide, the Wild Rapids (same slide but with a different theme), solve this problem by working for almost any age group. Will an 18 year old like it as much as a 12 year old? No, but they will go down it multiple times nonetheless and still be smiling. I would say that the ideal age range for the Monster Wave is 6 – 16 years old with a little wiggle room on each side. After renting this inflatable waterslide for your next party, you will see why it is so popular. We have customers who come back every year wanting the same slide.

Bounce and Double Dip Castle


This is one of the first real moonbounce waterslide combination inflatables. Along with the Jump and Splash, this waterslide has taken the whole category of waterslides to a new level and placed it among our most popular waterslide options. The Bounce and Double Dip waterslide has a large bouncing area in the back, a dual lane waterslide down the front, and a large splash pool at the end of the slides. Whether your kids want to bounce or slide or even do both, this waterslide moonbounce combo has it all. What makes the Bounce and Double Dip even better is the slip resistant material in the bouncing area. Anyone who has ever bounced in a moonbounce in the rain knows how slippery it can be. This new slip resistant material makes it so kids can be as wet as they want and still bounce safely in the back. Safety is always our first priority and we give this new slip resistant fabric a big thumbs up. This waterslide is new to our lineup as of last year and has already moved into our most popular rentals category.


Fire N Ice Dual Lane Waterslide


The last waterslide I want to showcase today is also a newer model to our inventory and one built on the popularity of the Monster Wave and Wild Rapids waterslides. Also standing at 20 feet tall, this is the ultimate waterslide option for families or events with extremely wide age ranges. One of the two lanes is as long as both the Monster Wave’s lanes, but the other lane is shorter to accommodate even younger children. As children climb up the ladder on the front of the waterslide they can choose to either stop at the first level and go down the shorter lane, or proceed to the second level to descend the longer lane. Each lane ends safely into a large splash pool. During colder months, this slide can also be used as a dry slide.


These three inflatable waterslide options have been loved by hundreds, if not thousands, of families in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. We have many other popular waterslides as well available for rent and encourage you to browse through the inflatable waterslides section of our website to learn about our other options. If you are planning a birthday party or family gathering, we also have a number of discounted party packages that come with any of our waterslides or other inflatables of your choice. You can choose from our pre-made package options, or call us to help you plan through your event. Concessions, especially sno cones, are popular waterslide add-ons and we are happy to work with you to make the perfect package for your perfect party. Call us now to book your very own waterslide rental!


Your children’s safety is our # 1 priority and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations. In addition to our usual warehouse equipment scrubbing, we are disinfecting upon delivery and again at pick-up to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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